Correct finger placement on the frets is difficult for beginners of guitar. Finger stretching exercises is all it takes to get them dexterous enough to play full chords.

If the act of stretching is practiced deliberately and steadily, it will make the fingers more aware of commands from the brain. Stretching fingers away from a flat surface will help. Done in combinations and at increasing speeds, these exercises are also good for the experienced player.

1.These exercises should be done with the chord playing hand for preparation in learning chords. One sets the palm of one’s hand against a hard flat surface. It is positioned with the wrist and fingertips touching and all the knuckles elevated. With curved fingers, there is a lifting motion, a holding pattern and a return. Starting slow and easily without strain, the index finger is lifted for a few seconds making sure to return back to it’s starting point. Dong this with each successive finger including the ring finger, will be the basic motion for each individual finger. After a brief warm up, the tricky part comes: all the combinations. Starting with the first and second fingers together, they are moved in an accelerated “pushup” manner. Next, the same is done with the third and forth fingers in conjunction. The other combinations are then implemented. The first is lifted together with the third, the second paired off with the fourth, etc…

2. Flexibility on the Fret board: Look up your basic D and G Major chords and carefully place your fingers where they show you for D. The D major chord is a v shape. You will not move the third finger at all. Hold your 1st and 2nd fingers in the air. Hold for a few seconds. Put them back exactly where they were. First, learn where your fingers are before you move them. Do about 20 “finger push-ups” on the fret board.

3. In this third step, we are going to start on either chord and do a lift and hold, only this time we are going to stretch to the next chord very slowly. Remember for this chord combination, the 3rd or D finger stays right there on the 3rd fret 2nd string. Now slowly lift and place into them into the position of the other chord. You can move on to more complicated chord combinations after you have advanced. Ongoing implementation of these guitar finger stretching exercises will allow for larger and more complicated chord progressions.