Guitar Finger Stretching Exercises Video Hits Over 50,000 Views

The hand/finger exercise is getting more and more attention these days. There is also another video linked to it and from it to help get over “3rd Finger Syndrome.”

This video is actually from the free guitar lessons that this site offers you. So jump around explore the site, and sign up for your free beginner guitar lessons today!

And here is the video [not included in the lessons] on 3rd Finger syndrome.


Easing Into Reading Notes With Comic Strip Characters

How do we go about learning to read musical notes?
Just as one learns a language, one learns to read notes. The difference is, with a verbal language we know what to do with the words; we speak them.
In music learning notes is one thing, and then playing them another. Some play instruments as well as, or even better than they speak.
If one learns the notes, they are not spoken but played. “It’s bad enough that you make me read the notes, now you want me to PLAY THEM?
The newbie is often confused as to what is played and what is read.
Notes don’t play themselves. There are sounds that we hear all the time that play themselves, but they are not controlled or codified into any constructs. Notes are part of an organized system just like a language.

So what if the notes could fend for themselves as real life characters?
•They could talk to each other about what they do.
• They could express concepts as every day language
• They could “play” the music themselves.The notes that are being learned are playing themselves instead of the newbie-note-learner having to play them. This takes off the stress of having to perform the note. Now the note can be learned without the extra burden of playing it.
By the same token, means to learning is not stodgy and pedantic. The bigheartedness of the notes talking to each other provides a welcome learning experience for those who have a note reading deficiency.


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