Pros and Cons

Should you choose Free Online Lessons, one advantage that you are thinking about right now: They are free!
Let's stop a moment and think about what's implied.
You will go to the free lessons online thinking "Oh boy, now I will get all the information I need to become a real good guitar player free."
The next advantage is that you can go through the lessons at your own pace.
You go to the lessons and go through a couple at a fast pace.
Then you might skip through, and say, I'll do these lessons later.
You can jump to the end to see if the most difficult lesson is too easy or still like beginner guitar lessons.
Hey, you might think you're ready for intermediate guitar lessons. Beginner guitar lessons might be too easy.
Then you might not even go through the free guitar lessons you just got access to because you want the BEST online guitar lessons FREE instead of the best way to learn guitar.
It's still your choice.
That's why I provided some free lessons online that you can access from here. Try them out. Experience free online guitar lessons at your own pace.
But then when you go through the motions and decide that you might need some kind of regular method with a teacher, come back here and consider what it's like to take lessons from some of the best acoustic and electric guitar teachers online.

Pros and Cons
The first issue with paid guitar lessons online is obviously the "Paid" part.
"How much is it going to cost me?"
Well let's first consider what it costs to pay for guiar lessons at home or in a studio.
These days, it can cost from $20 to $40 per half hour.
Tally that up for a whole month and you pay from $80 to $160 per month.
The cost of one month of online guitar lessons is closer to that of the price of a one half hour lesson off-line at home or in a studio.
No doubt, you will be at home anyway.
What's more is that with Jam Play for instance, you have access to instructors online for 10 hours a day.
They have a structured learning environment that has proven to be incredibly effective.
Plus there is a money back guarantee.
It's a no-brainer:
Signing up for paid online guitar lessons for beginners for a whole month, is like paying for one lesson at a studio.
As an experienced at home/studio
guitar teacher, I do endorsed Jam Play for your paid online guitar lessons.
There are other choices that we will look into when you click below.

Clicking on either link will not commit you to anything. You will simply be bought to more detailed information on your choice. Whichever you choose, remember:
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